Friday, December 9, 2016

November Blog 4- Ignorance is Bliss

My word was ignorance for my final project. I learned a lot about using visuals and what this word meant. Ignorance to me is when someone is uneducated and unwilling to change. One of the biggest statements I used is “ignorance is bliss”. When I Google this statement a lot of quotes came up. I was very surprised on what other people think of the word ignorance. The word that came up the most is uneducated. I really enjoyed the final project. I learned a lot. Our presentation was just pictures kind of like an art gallery. We didn’t do much talked; we let our visuals do the talking. A picture is worth a thousand words and we wanted to show it with this presentation. This relates to my life because sometimes it is hard to explain things to your students. Sometimes you students will be more of a visual learner and I will have to find a way to teach kids words with not so many words. This presentation helped me use Google and different visual tools to explain how I was feeling.