Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Wag the Dog

 Wag the Dog is an older movie that is a comedy. It is about African Americans that are in Washington, D.C. A president is rerunning to be elected but a sex scandal is about to be released and he hired a producer to film a fake war against Albania. This movie taught me about visuals because it shows how media can manipulate how people can see things. This reminded me of the election this year because each candidate only shows what he or she wants you to see. Each candidate would always say that it was a lie when the other candidate talked about each other. It is so easy to get frustrated when the media is such a big influence on how people are going to vote. One of the campaign slogans in the movie was “Don’t change horses in mid-stream”. In the end Motss dies because of a “heart attack” but really Brean killed him. I think this movie really helped me with politic visuals.

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