Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November Blog 2- Save the World

 Magda gave us a big challenge! How to save the world! How could one college student do such a thing! Even bigger twist. She didn’t give us many directions BUT she did give us stickers to use. The stickers had to be used as some sort of visuals in our presentation. This could be real or made up. Sounds easy, right? It isn’t! Our group struggled with this a lot. Finally! We came up with an idea. Cancer stickers! Our stickers were able to cure cancer! Obviously this is made up but it was so fun to use visuals! We used our stickers to show that people were either had cancer or had remission. If you had no sticker that means that you were cancer free for a year! This was a great way to use a visual in “real” life. We also used a PowerPoint to present our idea to the class. I really enjoyed this challenge! It was a good way to get my wheels turning and how to use a visual.

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  1. I liked your idea, and the discussion that your cancer cure pitch provoked in a class. You should add the visuals from your presentation