Monday, November 7, 2016

November Blog 1- Gender Stereotyping

After talking about gender stereotyping it really opened my eyes on how much it happens and how it affects people’s daily life. I used Facebook all the time and I never noticed how much it happens on Facebook. I thought that Facebook was used for just social media but it targets people because people theses days are super judgmental.  I think another way we gender stereotype is the whole bathroom issue. People are assuming they are doing it because they are a predator. I think that everyone should have their own rights to be their own person without anyone judging them. I think that magazines are a powerful way to gender stereotype as well. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show does this as well. It gives women unrealistic images in their head of what they should look like. It also gives men unrealistic images in their head of what women should look like. I see this everyday. I know that gender stereotyping is something that is going to happen everyday. It is something that I need to be aware of as a teacher so that my students don’t gender stereotype other students. 

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