Sunday, November 13, 2016

Global Collaboration

What is global collaboration? Global collaboration is when students from different schools are working together to solve or to work on a project together. It’s crazy to think how far we have come with technology! To think if we wanted to we could do a global collaboration project while our kids are sitting in the United States in s small town in Iowa while our students talk to students in a whole different country!
I researched some different websites that would help me in the future as an elementary teacher! I really enjoyed Classroom Bridges. As the holidays near I was searching for activities so that my students could talk to other students about the different holidays they celebrate. I found a asynchronous activity called Pen Pals 2.0. I will be using these resources in my classroom in my future classroom. I love watching technology grow.
What I would like to do: I would like to Penpal students in my fourth grade classroom. I would use PenPal Schools to connect my students with other students around the world through online curriculum to practice skills and explore the world. I will have my students do The World Explore project that is found on the PenPal Website. Students will be matched with four other students that are also participating in this project. This project will last roughly about six weeks. Every week they will watch a video, read an article, and exchange perspectives with their PenPals. Using this project will help my students gain a better knowledge of the cultures around the world.
Content: Here are some examples that I found that will help my students start to write their pen pals. I also found some other writing prompts that will help my students start writing to their pen pals.
Personal Reflection:. I found this great video  that shows how global collaboration will improve the classrooms! I really found this project really complicated to start with because I found some many different resources that were very helpful to use.I think some of the challenges would be communicating with a classroom on the other side of the world because we are all in different time zones. An advantage of this project will help students gain a better cultural understanding. Something that I would do differently is maybe either do this project with an older grade because my fourth graders got bored with this after a few weeks or I would find a different project that works better with my fourth grade students. This global collaboration project has taught me all of the helpful websites that I am able to use in my classroom. It has also taught me which global collaboration projects work well in my classroom. My fourth graders really enjoyed using World Explore. 

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