Thursday, October 13, 2016

To Game or Not to Game?

What is flow? Flow is a state of mind or a state of experience that we feel when we are totally involved in what we are doing. I’ve never heard of flow before but after listening to the video I realize I do I just about everyday. Sadly, it only happens when I am on my phone, IPad, or computer. Sometimes when I read a really good book I can totally lose track of time unfortunately during the school year I don’t have enough time. Since I am not a gamer I don’t know how I feel about video games in a classroom but I really enjoyed playing around with Osmo last year in CTELE. I think is sort of like a video game I would love to use in my future classroom. I think as kids are growing up they know how to use technology even better than me! My 1st grade cousin is a pro at Minecraft. If you asked me to pay it, I would have no idea where to even start. I think using video games in my classroom will be something I have to adapt to. I would love to learn and listen to Paul Anderson. I hope to gain some knowledge with using gaming in the classroom during this module.

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