Monday, October 10, 2016

Thank You For Smoking

I had to watch Thank You For Smoking directed by Jason Reitman. I would rate the movie a 4. It was not a movie that I would ever choose to watch on my own time. My favorite part of the movie was when Nick was in the school for his son and the student said that his mommy says that smoking kills and Nick responds back with well “she’s hardly a credible expert, is she?” My general opinion of the movie that it was good to see the different views people have about smoking. Nick works his angle because he tries to convince people that it is good to smoke. He does whatever it takes Nick even bribes people. Nick then gets kidnapped and almost killed because of nicotine patches to show just how bad smoking is for the body. I think everyone has personal freedom to do what he or she want with their bodies but Nick takes it to a different level by lying to people about what smoking does to the body. I think Nick doesn’t have morals but he doesn’t need to have morals to be a lobbyist.  Something that I hear often is that affects my life is about teaching. I often hear that because I have tattoos I won’t ever get a job in teaching. I also know that if you don’t have good social presence it will be harder to get a job. Something I do to justify my influence to someone else is usually at work and I’m trying to talk someone into buying something that they are on the edge about I tell them that they look super great in it! I never lie either! I wouldn’t want someone to buy something they don’t look good in because they are representing the store.  This movie added to my visual literacy because it was a type of visual. They also showed visuals in the movie.

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