Friday, October 21, 2016

Gender Stereotyping- October Week 2

Gender stereotyping is all over these days in media. I unfortunately see this portrayed in women being good look or men being strong and attractive. I think that when women are being gender stereotyped it is about how men look at them. I feel even like when the Victoria Secret Fashion Show comes out every year every woman is out there eating their feelings away about how they don’t look like the models, which is kind of a double negative. You want to look like that but yet you are eating away your feelings. Realistically the models don’t even look like that they still get photo shopped to look flawless. They also have to eat a strict diet and works out a ton during the day before they even are consider being a model. A way that guys are gender stereotyped is how they never cry and are always strong. It’s crazy how often you see gender stereotyping on media. I can’t wait to keep my eye open more to see how often I can catch it while watching TV.

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