Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Digital Presence

For a class we had to investigate ourselves on Google and what our digital presence was.  I honestly had no idea what digital presence was so of course I Google it! Digital presence is that you occupy space online it could be good or bad! Luckily all of mine was good! I found a lot of pictures of myself, my Facebook, and Pinterest was also some of the top hits when I searched myself. Some of the things I was surprised about all of my grandparents obituary were on the first or second page of searching myself. Another thing that came up was a Prezi that I worked on when I was probably in high school. On the second page there was a link to the Spectrum Project that I volunteered last year and I will also be volunteering this spring in as well.

Not many people have my name but about halfway down the second page and so on nothing was about me! It was more about people with either the same first name or the same last name but it wasn’t the names together! 

I clicked some of the links and I have a lot of my profiles set on private. One of the main things that took over my images when I search myself was all of the things I Pinterest. I then looked to Pinterest to see if I was able to make my search private! Of course I was able to so I did just that!

Besides Pinterest I didn’t see much else that I wanted remove at the moment when I searched myself. Pinterest did say it would take a few weeks to get my profile off of the web but it is something I will have to check up on next month!

I then signed up for Google Alert so I would be notified if anyone or any website sends me an email if something new comes up about me so I am able to stay on top of my digital presence.
I then made about page. I’m not really sure how I feel about it! I haven’t really messed around with it a lot. I think it is just another thing that will help my digital footprint once I get out in the teaching world in a year or two!

I then read 10 Ways to Build Your Online Identity. I then wanted to do something to improve my digital footprint! The three things I want to do help my digital footprint is to search myself every month, I also set up Google Alerts and to get into blogging more and not just for class!

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