Saturday, September 24, 2016

Use of Social Media in the Classroom

Being a student at University of Northern Iowa I use technology in the classroom almost everyday. On the other side I hardly ever see my teacher's use social media. In all of my technology classes I have taken or am in currently we use social media almost every class. I think using social media in a classroom is a great way to express ideas to each other.

In Jim Asher's article "Making the Case for Social Media in Schools" he talks about the benefits of social media in the classroom. Some of the apps they use are twitter and instagram. They use twitter to talk to experts about the subjects they are talking about in the classroom. They also use instagram so they can showcase their work.

I think the use of twitter is a great idea! I would really like to use this idea in my future classroom. 

Here is an article I found are 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom: I then selected the top five I found that would be useful in my future classroom.
1. Tweet about upcoming due dates or assignments
2. Engage Parents
3. Connect classrooms
4.  Join #Educhat
5. Summarize

These are a great way to involve not only the students but also the parents. I can't wait to use these ideas in my future classroom! 

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