Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Apps for the Classroom

So after doing an Appsmash project I really was into finding new apps that I could use in my future classroom. Some of those apps were one I used in my project, SeeSaw. I found a way to use SeeSaw blogs in the classroom. To be honest before my technology classes last year I've never blogged before and I was super nervous about it and I still am! I am not very creative and not very good with words but I think if I would of used blogs while I was in school I would not be struggling so hard! SeeSaw Blog is great because it is a great tool to collaborate with other classrooms. This is a great 21st century skill.

Another great app I found was EDpuzzle. With Edpuzzle you can upload videos from anywhere even your own and then add questions for you students so they are involved in the video. You can also keep track of how many times each student watches the video and you can see their answers. I then found a blog that talks about how they used EDpuzzle in the classroom.

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