Friday, September 23, 2016

Graphic Symbols-Week Two

The other week in class we talked about the different visual symbols that we used in our life. I then started to notice that I use them almost everyday. A visual symbol I use everyday is emoji’s on my iPhone. I text people everyday on my life and 85% of the time I use some sort of emoji. My favorite emoji is the rolling eye emoji. When I think of this emoji I think that I am either bored or something is annoying me. I sadly use this emoji way more often than I should.

Another way that I would use visual symbols in my daily life is when I am in the classroom. I would use them for my students to tell if they get the subject or not. They could hold their hand up and put a thumbs up, down, or sideways so I can see if they get the subject or not without them getting embarrassed in the classroom. I could also use smiley faces if my students did a good job on their assignment.

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