Thursday, September 29, 2016


After watching Helvetica I realized how often I see it around campus! The movie Helvetica is about the typeface and the history of the typeface. After watching the movie I see Helvetica everywhere. Some of the places I see it is on some of my favorite brands like The North Face and Jeep.

Helvetica is taking over the world of advertisement. My brother is going to school for fashion marketing and he is over in London. He sends me pictures and I even notice over there that there is Helvetica font all over the place with his major as well. I can’t wait to try and spot Helvetica more as I explore new places this semester!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Visuals in School and Business- Week Four

I am finishing up a presentation about the use of visuals in schools and business. I realized how often I see teachers use visuals in my classroom at UNI. Even outside of my technology class almost all of my teachers use PowerPoint or even Google slides. My math teacher uses the Elmo so that we can see each other’s work. I also use a lot of visuals in my work. I work at The Buckle in the mall and there I have to put together outfits that make sense and I also have to make the walls and tables visually appealing for customers to shop. It’s crazy how much you realize how often people use visuals in life!

Debate- Week Three

As I watched the debate I noticed that the politicians did a lot of different visuals. More or less a lot of hand visuals. I noticed that Trump used a lot of hand gestures. Clinton stayed more calm and collected. Clinton also took a week of to practice. On Facebook there was a drinking game and one of them was about take a drink every time Clinton takes a drink.  Funny thing is that Clinton didn’t take a drink once but Trump took drinks during the debate. Trump also interrupted Clinton and Lester multiple times during the debate. I’m not a big fan of either of them but I personally think that Clinton was a lot more composed than Trump was during the debate.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Use of Social Media in the Classroom

Being a student at University of Northern Iowa I use technology in the classroom almost everyday. On the other side I hardly ever see my teacher's use social media. In all of my technology classes I have taken or am in currently we use social media almost every class. I think using social media in a classroom is a great way to express ideas to each other.

In Jim Asher's article "Making the Case for Social Media in Schools" he talks about the benefits of social media in the classroom. Some of the apps they use are twitter and instagram. They use twitter to talk to experts about the subjects they are talking about in the classroom. They also use instagram so they can showcase their work.

I think the use of twitter is a great idea! I would really like to use this idea in my future classroom. 

Here is an article I found are 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom: I then selected the top five I found that would be useful in my future classroom.
1. Tweet about upcoming due dates or assignments
2. Engage Parents
3. Connect classrooms
4.  Join #Educhat
5. Summarize

These are a great way to involve not only the students but also the parents. I can't wait to use these ideas in my future classroom! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Graphic Symbols-Week Two

The other week in class we talked about the different visual symbols that we used in our life. I then started to notice that I use them almost everyday. A visual symbol I use everyday is emoji’s on my iPhone. I text people everyday on my life and 85% of the time I use some sort of emoji. My favorite emoji is the rolling eye emoji. When I think of this emoji I think that I am either bored or something is annoying me. I sadly use this emoji way more often than I should.

Another way that I would use visual symbols in my daily life is when I am in the classroom. I would use them for my students to tell if they get the subject or not. They could hold their hand up and put a thumbs up, down, or sideways so I can see if they get the subject or not without them getting embarrassed in the classroom. I could also use smiley faces if my students did a good job on their assignment.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

First Year of Teaching... Say What!

This is my second year at University of Northern Iowa but three and a half years total! Crazy to think that I have this year and next year left and then I'm off in the real world! Many of you don't know this but I am crazy about Pinterest! Anytime I need any sort of idea my first go to in Pinterest! I found a ton of things about how to prepare yourself as a first time teacher or even a teacher that has been there forever but it's a new year! I found a blog "How to Mentally Prepare for your First Year Teaching"  The thing I took most out of this blog is Tip #3: Practice Sustainable Work Habits. This stuck to me because I really like tasks and to do list but I am terrible when it comes to figuring out how to prioritize it and how to time manage!

The second blog I found was "Classroom Management Concepts I Wish I Had Understood As A First-Year Teacher" The thing I took most out of this blog was also Tip #3: Confidence is Key. Which is so big to me because I am already so nervous no matter what. I just don't want my nerves to get the best of me. She also created an e-book that goes more depth about her three ideas.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Apps for the Classroom

So after doing an Appsmash project I really was into finding new apps that I could use in my future classroom. Some of those apps were one I used in my project, SeeSaw. I found a way to use SeeSaw blogs in the classroom. To be honest before my technology classes last year I've never blogged before and I was super nervous about it and I still am! I am not very creative and not very good with words but I think if I would of used blogs while I was in school I would not be struggling so hard! SeeSaw Blog is great because it is a great tool to collaborate with other classrooms. This is a great 21st century skill.

Another great app I found was EDpuzzle. With Edpuzzle you can upload videos from anywhere even your own and then add questions for you students so they are involved in the video. You can also keep track of how many times each student watches the video and you can see their answers. I then found a blog that talks about how they used EDpuzzle in the classroom.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Visual Symbols in My Life

Visuals in my life are very important because I am a very visual learner. I love when teachers use PowerPoint’s or any type of slideshows in the classroom. Even when I go into classroom for my literacy class I notice that the books I read the children have pictures in them so that it keeps the children’s attention. I also notice that the teachers have different bulletin boards around the classroom so that the teacher can show of the children’s work. I also use visuals in my daily life at work so that I can present outfits in the more visually appealing way so that customers buy it. As we keep talking about visuals this semester it makes me more excited to see where else I use visuals in my life.