Friday, December 9, 2016

November Blog 4- Ignorance is Bliss

My word was ignorance for my final project. I learned a lot about using visuals and what this word meant. Ignorance to me is when someone is uneducated and unwilling to change. One of the biggest statements I used is “ignorance is bliss”. When I Google this statement a lot of quotes came up. I was very surprised on what other people think of the word ignorance. The word that came up the most is uneducated. I really enjoyed the final project. I learned a lot. Our presentation was just pictures kind of like an art gallery. We didn’t do much talked; we let our visuals do the talking. A picture is worth a thousand words and we wanted to show it with this presentation. This relates to my life because sometimes it is hard to explain things to your students. Sometimes you students will be more of a visual learner and I will have to find a way to teach kids words with not so many words. This presentation helped me use Google and different visual tools to explain how I was feeling.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November Blog 3- PSA

Today in class we talked about public service ads. We made our own ads as well. I realized that I see billboards all the time when I drive. I guess I never realized that this is a way of using visuals as advertising. A lot of times they are false advertise because a lot of times pictures are photoshopped. Public service advertisements are used to inform people instead of sell products to people. We talked about “Loose Lips Sink Ships” this is an old PSA that means that when people talk about things they aren’t 100% sure about is why we lose wars. Being 21 I think the most important PSA is to not drink and drive. As a college student I realize that most students don’t realize how dangerous drinking and driving is. They think they are invincible.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Single Man

A Single Man is taking place in Los Angles, California. A college professor – George dreams that he sees his life long partner. George has flashbacks all day long. Jim’s family was not going to tell George about the death. He was going to commit suicide that evening but a turn events he ended up spending his day with some unusual people. There is a Spanish male prostitute that appears in the movie. I think this movie helped me understand visual literacy because I never thought of dreams and flashbacks as a visual. Now that I think about it. When you are dreaming usually they are a visual. Sometimes they even feel real like in Jim’s case. I have never had dreams that real feeling usually I forget them right when I wake up.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November Blog 2- Save the World

 Magda gave us a big challenge! How to save the world! How could one college student do such a thing! Even bigger twist. She didn’t give us many directions BUT she did give us stickers to use. The stickers had to be used as some sort of visuals in our presentation. This could be real or made up. Sounds easy, right? It isn’t! Our group struggled with this a lot. Finally! We came up with an idea. Cancer stickers! Our stickers were able to cure cancer! Obviously this is made up but it was so fun to use visuals! We used our stickers to show that people were either had cancer or had remission. If you had no sticker that means that you were cancer free for a year! This was a great way to use a visual in “real” life. We also used a PowerPoint to present our idea to the class. I really enjoyed this challenge! It was a good way to get my wheels turning and how to use a visual.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Global Collaboration

What is global collaboration? Global collaboration is when students from different schools are working together to solve or to work on a project together. It’s crazy to think how far we have come with technology! To think if we wanted to we could do a global collaboration project while our kids are sitting in the United States in s small town in Iowa while our students talk to students in a whole different country!
I researched some different websites that would help me in the future as an elementary teacher! I really enjoyed Classroom Bridges. As the holidays near I was searching for activities so that my students could talk to other students about the different holidays they celebrate. I found a asynchronous activity called Pen Pals 2.0. I will be using these resources in my classroom in my future classroom. I love watching technology grow.
What I would like to do: I would like to Penpal students in my fourth grade classroom. I would use PenPal Schools to connect my students with other students around the world through online curriculum to practice skills and explore the world. I will have my students do The World Explore project that is found on the PenPal Website. Students will be matched with four other students that are also participating in this project. This project will last roughly about six weeks. Every week they will watch a video, read an article, and exchange perspectives with their PenPals. Using this project will help my students gain a better knowledge of the cultures around the world.
Content: Here are some examples that I found that will help my students start to write their pen pals. I also found some other writing prompts that will help my students start writing to their pen pals.
Personal Reflection:. I found this great video  that shows how global collaboration will improve the classrooms! I really found this project really complicated to start with because I found some many different resources that were very helpful to use.I think some of the challenges would be communicating with a classroom on the other side of the world because we are all in different time zones. An advantage of this project will help students gain a better cultural understanding. Something that I would do differently is maybe either do this project with an older grade because my fourth graders got bored with this after a few weeks or I would find a different project that works better with my fourth grade students. This global collaboration project has taught me all of the helpful websites that I am able to use in my classroom. It has also taught me which global collaboration projects work well in my classroom. My fourth graders really enjoyed using World Explore. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Wag the Dog

 Wag the Dog is an older movie that is a comedy. It is about African Americans that are in Washington, D.C. A president is rerunning to be elected but a sex scandal is about to be released and he hired a producer to film a fake war against Albania. This movie taught me about visuals because it shows how media can manipulate how people can see things. This reminded me of the election this year because each candidate only shows what he or she wants you to see. Each candidate would always say that it was a lie when the other candidate talked about each other. It is so easy to get frustrated when the media is such a big influence on how people are going to vote. One of the campaign slogans in the movie was “Don’t change horses in mid-stream”. In the end Motss dies because of a “heart attack” but really Brean killed him. I think this movie really helped me with politic visuals.

Monday, November 7, 2016

November Blog 1- Gender Stereotyping

After talking about gender stereotyping it really opened my eyes on how much it happens and how it affects people’s daily life. I used Facebook all the time and I never noticed how much it happens on Facebook. I thought that Facebook was used for just social media but it targets people because people theses days are super judgmental.  I think another way we gender stereotype is the whole bathroom issue. People are assuming they are doing it because they are a predator. I think that everyone should have their own rights to be their own person without anyone judging them. I think that magazines are a powerful way to gender stereotype as well. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show does this as well. It gives women unrealistic images in their head of what they should look like. It also gives men unrealistic images in their head of what women should look like. I see this everyday. I know that gender stereotyping is something that is going to happen everyday. It is something that I need to be aware of as a teacher so that my students don’t gender stereotype other students.